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Pastor Paul Kuria, also known as Man Kush, has stirred up controversy with his recent remarks about his approach to church membership while speaking on Kameme TV.

According to Man Kush, he has a policy of not retaining the same congregation for more than five years in his church.

He drew an analogy between his church and a company, stating that if any member overstays, he would kindly ask them not to attend the church anymore.

In his explanation, Man Kush clarified that his intention behind not retaining the same congregation for more than five years is to encourage his members to spread the gospel that he teaches.

He believes that this is the most effective way to share his message and reach a broader audience.

“I do not hold my church members for over five years, I chase them and get new ones. This is because I want them to go and teach other people. It is God who brings them. I know all my servants. If I notice you have not left after five years, I call them aside and tell them to leave,” Man Kush stated.

Man Kush’s statements that went viral

Although Man Kush has made some controversial statements in the past, he is also a devoted family man.

In a recent interview with bloggers, he shared that he has been married for 39 years and takes care of his wife financially.

“I pump my wife with money. Your wife is not in your house because you are handsome, she’s there because you are meeting her basic needs. I’m open to my wife and that is why we have been married for all those years,” Man Kush declared.

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