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After a nasty break up with her husband, Niarofey has shared the update of her life and what she has been upto.

Nairofey and her ex-husband Yeforian got married in an invite-only ceremony in August 2022, but their marriage ended months later, with both unfollowing each other on social media.

In an update on her TikTok, Nairofey shared that she had happily moved on from the breakup and was doing well with her life.

She mentioned the things she had done since then, including getting her first tattoo, trying a new hairstyle, moving to a new apartment, going on long drives, trying new dishes, learning how to shoot, traveling, and rewarding herself for accomplishing goals.

Nairofey also mentioned that she had been able to spend time with friends and family, become serious about her skincare routines, done more retail therapy, and had more solo dates.

Earlier this year, Nairofey and Yeforian had a messy breakup, with both of them trading accusations and words on social media.

Nairofey accused her estranged husband of hacking her Gmail account and taking over her YouTube account. She also claimed that he lied about his job and forced her to sign a prenup.

On his side, Yeforian accused Nairofey of cheating on him with multiple partners, including women.

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