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Digital strategist Dennis Itumbi has been awarded Ksh.631,400 by the employment and labour court for his illegal dismissal from state office in 2020.

In the case ruled by Judge Jacob Gakeri, Itumbi sued the Public Service Commission (PSC), the former State House comptroller, the former Interior Cabinet Secretary and the ex-Attorney general.

He claimed that by a letter dated July 9, 2014 he was offered the position of Senior Director, Digital, Innovative & Diaspora Communication, Job Group T, for a period of 3 years effective July 2, 2014.

The agreed starting salary was Kshs.213,640 which was paid up until July 2, 2015. It was then increased to Kshs.232,960 for the period till July 1, 2016. Another increment came on July 1, 2017, when he started earning Kshs.254,000.

“The Petitioner (Itumbi) avers he accepted the appointment and discharged his duties diligently and fastidiously,” read part of court filings.

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