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Tanzanian singer Rayvanny has fired back at Harmonize in what seems to be a reignited online beef.

The bitter online exchange began when Harmonize told artists to go slow on releasing alcohol-themed songs, which Rayvanny said was a subject Harmonize was not warranted to comment on as he had no hit song on alcohol.

Later, Harmonize responded by saying Rayvanny was stuck to Wasafi despite leaving the label months ago.

An angry Rayvanny hit back, saying Harmonize was not his match, pointing out that he even wrote verses for him in a song they did together.

“Speaking about songs, Paranawe verse Nzima ulo imba nimeandika mimi plus your song Birthday I gave you like 90% of my creation,” Rayvanny said.

(Speaking about songs, on Paranawe I wrote your entire verse for you and on the Birthday song I gave you like 90% of the content)

Rayvanny further said Harmonize was boastful about the sum he paid to exit his former label, an amount Rayvanny said was a drop in the ocean compared to what he paid.

“You paid Wasafi Tsh600 million umelia kwenye media zote mzee … Incase you don’t know I paid Wasafi Tsh1.3 billion. Ukihisi naogeza sifuri fatilia au nenda kwa BASATA ukaulize na umeona nimeongea wapi?

“Money is nothing to me Kikubwa heshima ndio kitu ninachokithamini ukiona siku nimeongea ujue nimeongea ujue nimekosewa to the maximum,” Rayvanny wrote.

In defence of Diamond, Rayvanny said the Wasafi boss was the reason he had made a name in music, insisting that he was nowhere close to him in any front.

“Lemme be honest with you, You are not on my level musically, economically yani sio tuzo… sio hits sio numbers…sio global recognition sio chochote.

“Diamond unae sema ndio mtu anakufanya hadi leo upo sababu njia rahisi ulioona uta mantain ni kumtukana am too old for that,” Vanny boy wrote.

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