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Multiple award-winning Tanzanian singer Shaban Mwakyusa, better known by his stage name Rayvanny, has hinted that he might run for the Mbeya Urban parliamentary seat in the forthcoming 2025 Tanzanian elections.
Through a video shared on his TikTok account on Wednesday, the music star disclosed that if all goes well, then he’ll be representing constituents very soon.

While filming the video, a voice was heard referring to him as “Mbunge wa Mbeya Mjini (Member of Parliament of Mbeya Urban)”, before posing a question on the plans he has for his people.

In response, the 2017 BET Award winner accepted the name and said he was more than ready to offer his services to the people.
“Oh yeeh wana Mbeya Mjini… Mungu akijalia anytime… Itabidi tufanye kazi za wananchi.

“(Hey people from Mbeya Urban… God willing, then we will serve you),” Vanny Boy announced.

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