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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua on Monday told off Azimio la Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga over claims that President William Ruto is a “puppet of foreign nations.”

Gachagua, who was speaking during the launch of the Drought Response Plan by the Government of Kenya and the United Nations in Garissa County said that Raila had no moral standing to question the decisions of the Kenya Kwanza government.

“We do not need advice from the opposition. They have no moral authority to advise us. When they advised the former President, the country found itself with Sh10 trillion debt,” said DP Gachagua.

“We will go to the people, listen to them, and heed their advice,” he added.

The Deputy President was responding to a press statement by Raila, who accused Ruto of being a puppet and pleasing the west by allowing the importation of GMO maize.

“He is being a puppet, working for the foreign nations and their multinationals against our interest as a nation. He is working to promote foreign biotechnology institutions abroad,” Raila said on Sunday.

Gachagua also dismissed Raila’s claim that the government is importing maize without consulting relevant parties. He argued that Kenya Kwanza is keen on partnering with stakeholders and holding consultative engagements.

On the drought situation in the country, Gachagua said Kenya needs Ksh.17billion between now and January 2023 to mitigate its effects.

He said the funds will go to support livelihood projects, food security interventions as well as the sinking of new and rehabilitation of old water pans around the country.

“A total of Ksh17.9 billion is required for immediate scale-up of drought response to cover the period up to January 2023,” DP Gachagua said.

Gachagua added that the government will start allocating funds to set up a new drought kitty to aid in responding to perennial droughts as a long-term measure to battle the menace.

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