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Kenyan content creator Milly Chebby is contemplating undergoing a cosmetic surgery to shed off excess weight.

Two weeks ago, Chebby had said she has already consulted a medical practitioner but has not settled on the weight loss procedure she will undergo.

“I already went for my consultation. I asked every question I wanted to ask, I asked if there were any side effects- everything that I needed to ask…. I am glad that I am now set and ready to psychologically go do the process,” Chebby said.

Now, her husband Comedian Terence Creative says that he does not support the idea of Chebby undergoing a liposuction procedure.

“I do not want anyone in my household to go under the Knife, we shall work out” Terence said during a recorded workout session.

“I would never do liposuction, I have offers so I would have already gone through with it” Chebby shared.

The content creator had said she is yet to choose whether to undergo a gastric bypass (gastric balloon), 360 liposuctions, butt lift, or breast implants procedure.

“So, I’m preparing, I’ll be going for one of those ones you have seen there soon. Very, very, soon,” she said promising to take fans through the whole process.

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