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Agriculture CS Nominee Mithika Linturi shed more light on the withdrawal of attempted rape charges that were preferred against him.
Linturi started by disclosing to the National Assembly Committee on Appointments on October 21, 2022, that he had 35 active civil court cases, other than the criminal case which was withdrawn.

He said the attempted rape accusations had been made by people who wanted to extort money after abducting him.
The former Meru senator shared an affidavit from the woman who had accused him of attempted rape, in which she explained the reasons for withdrawing the case.
“She said she has reconciled her conscience and reflected on the facts and circumstances relating to this complaint and decided on her own volition to withdraw,” the Agriculture CS nominee said.

He accused former Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti of ordering the transfer of the case from Nanyuki to Nairobi, where he claimed some changes were made to frame him.

“The (former) DCI himself decided that Mithika must be turned into a target. It is just last week when the DCI officers came to my office and brought me the cash bail and the money they had recovered from the abductors.

“Immediately I was abducted and released after giving Sh250,000, instead of the Sh1 million they (abductors) asked for, I reported the matter at Nanyuki DCI offices,” Linuturi said.

He told the committee that officers in Nairobi destroyed his original statements, turned the case against him and charged him with attempted rape.
“I was a victim but was framed as the perpetrator in that case. The idea was to embarrass and humiliate me,” he told the committee.

Deputy Speaker Gladys Shollei noted that the committee had spent 40 minutes out of allocated 90 minutes discussing Linturi’s court cases.

Earlier, the former senator revealed that he was worth Sh1.2 billion.

“My financial net worth is about Sh1.2 billion. It includes investments and shares in various companies and saccos, properties, vehicles and directorship in different companies where I am a shareholder,” he said.

Linturi added that he was expecting Sh1 billion in court awards for rulings made in his favour.

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