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Singer-turned-politician Kevin Bahati Kioko has broken his silence online after he took action on his Instagram page.
Bahati deleted all the posts on his Instagram page leaving his 3.2 million followers with nothing to view.

The move is almost similar to that of his wife Diana Marua who shared a post of a dove and disabled the comment section leaving questions to her followers as to what was happening within their family.

Bahati and his wife Diana were expecting their third child together and Diana was due for delivery before the sudden silence.
In a recent interview, Bahati revealed that Diana was not doing well but failed to go into details on the matter. He further said they were going to decide whether to tell the public what was happening in their family if they felt like it.

Diana suspended her musical career for her to focus on her pregnancy as she awaits delivery. She said she was depressed after learning she was pregnant with the third child, expressing that she wasn’t ready for the pregnancy and her fear was going through another distressing pregnancy after her past two pregnancies.

During her baby shower, Diana revealed that’s she has struggles as she nears delivery during her pregnancies noting that she most of the time has to spend her time indoors to avoid straining.
“I normally have issues when I get closer to delivery it gets to a point, I can’t walk even when I in bed my husband has to turn me. But so far I am okay I don’t walk much because I have a condition called pubic symphysis where pressure mounts on my pelvic bones and I can’t walk so I even create content while seated,” Diana said.

Bahati silence started after the loss of the Mathare parliamentary seat.

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