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Singer Kevin Bahati has broken silence on his whereabouts as well as those of his wife Diana Marua who has been off social media space for days
The last post made by Diana Marua her social media followers even more curious, the post was of a white dove and had the comments turned off with the caption: “Only in the Darkness, Can you see the Stars.”

Speaking to Nairobi News, Bahati said Diana was not doing well but could not go into detail about the matter. Bahati further said they were going to decide whether to tell the public what was happening in their family if they felt like it.
Before going offline, Diana was moved to tears after she was treated to a surprise baby shower. The baby shower dubbed premier gang baby shower was an all-white themed baby shower that had a tight list of attendees and Marua could not hide her joy.

Diana expressed her gratitude to her fans noting she did not expect the baby shower.

“I was confused for a moment I could not believe that these people were actually here to support me and I when I finally realized it was a reality I just broke down,” Diana told Mungai Eve.

Diana revealed that she has struggles as she nears delivery during her pregnancies noting that she most of the time has to spend her time indoors to avoid straining.
“I normally have issues when I get closer to delivery it gets to a point, I can’t walk even when I’m in bed my husband has to turn me. But so far I am okay I don’t walk much because I have a condition called pubic symphysis where pressure mounts on my pelvic bones and I can’t walk so I even create content while seated,” Diana said.

Diana was approaching her delivery date for her third before she went silent.

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