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Kenyan producer and singer Michael Bundi is slowly making great steps in his musical career as he has clocked one million followers on TikTok popular with his singing videos with his son, Fayez.
Bundi who sings alongside his son Fayez developed a name for themselves through their father-son musical performances where they do cover songs for reggae songs and have even had the opportunity to sing with Jamaican star Tarrus Rilley.

In other platforms such as Instagram, Bundi enjoys a 175,000 following while on YouTube Michael has gained over 66,200 subscribers with his son’s channel boasting of 63,400 subscribers.
Besides song covers, Bundi also boasts of having his original songs and has even produced a ten track debut album dubbed 100 degrees East.
The father-son duo however blew up due to song covers in the Reggae genre, their renditions have turned them into internet sensations.

Bundi’s son Fayez, is also slowly being nurtured into the music industry as he has recorded his own songs with the help of his father.

Bundi has now joined the list of most followed Kenyan TikTokers which is topped by dancer David Moya and content creator Only Lit Boy.

Bundi, Wyre and Naiboi – by virtue of their involvement in Etana’s Grammy-nominated ‘Pamoja’ album – made history by becoming the only Kenyans to earn nominations for the 2022 Grammy Awards.
Naiboi was featured in track number 2 (Legacy), Nandy is on track number three (Melanin), Wyre is on track number ten (The One) while Michael Bundi features on track number 12 (Pamoja).

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