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Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is yet to move into the official residence of the deputy president days after President William Ruto, its previous occupant, moved to State House.
DP Rigathi was on Sunday hosted by KTN’s Deputy Broadcasting Editor, Sophia Wanuna, for an interview at his private home in Karen where he explained why he is yet to move into the official residence.

The DP explained that he has had an attachment to his private home in which he has lived for many years.
“It’s very nostalgic for me to walk away from a home where I have lived for 24 years and go and start a new home.

“President William Ruto has already moved to State House and the official residence of the deputy president is ready but I am yet to come to terms with the new situation,” he said.

DP Gachagua, however, maintained that he would eventually move to the house which is not very far from his private home.
“Work is going on and in due course, I will move to the official residence but I need to digest the changes and all the things that are going around me.

“They are very momentous. I am yet to acclimatise, digest and accept the new situation and status. It was very overwhelming so I need to take a bit of time but in due course, I will be moving to the official residence,” he explained.
History of Kenya’s official DP’s residence
The official residence of the deputy president was constructed at a cost of Sh385 million and sits on a 10-acre piece of land.
Its first occupant was former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka who moved in after it was opened by the late former President Mwai Kibaki.

President Ruto used the house throughout his 10-year term as deputy president which gave the residence more prominence.

Other than providing a roof over his family’s head, Ruto also used the house as his operation centre and the heart of his campaign.

He would receive and make official communication at the home, conduct meeting and invite delegations to the residence.

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