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Directors of Private Schools in Kakamega have vowed to continue with Competence Based Curriculum (CBC), and if scrapped off, they will adopt an International Curriculum.

Speaking during closing day cum fun day event at Applegate Christian School in Kakamega, the private school directors led by Everlyn Tiany said CBC is the solution to unemployment and job creation in the country.

According to Tiany, CBC has proven to be useful, since it enables children to acquire vast skills in knowledge.

“We have kids doing art, weaving, cooking…When they come out of school, they will have a variety of skills. We have that if this is scrapped off and we are supposed to go back to 8-4-4, we will choose to embrace International Curriculum,” she said.

“CBC is growing, parents should ensure that children grow holistically. 8-4-4 was focused on the development of cognitive skills, but now they are taught practical skills. I want to encourage parents to switch their minds towards CBC,” Celestine Owino, another Private School director added.

The school directors called on President William Ruto to consider the well-being of learners before making a decision about the contested curriculum.

Their comments follow widespread outcry from a section of leaders and parents, who have been urging the government to do away with the CBC curriculum, saying it has left many parents ‘poorer’.

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