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Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has now stated that the ban on pornographic websites in Kenya should be expedited, either by the current government or the next one.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the Kenya Music Festival in Kisumu on Monday, CS Magoha stated that while the Internet has proven useful, the downside of the interwebs must also be addressed.

“In as much as we enjoy the freedom of everything including the internet, the pornographic sites centres must be blocked as soon as yesterday,” Magoha added.

Magoha claims he is not concerned about being labeled a dictator for opposing websites that promote racy content.

“When I mentioned this they said no, you are a dictator but as far as pornography is concerned I want to remain as dictator in everyone’s mind,”

The Education Cabinet Secretary also urged Kenyans to support his proposal to block websites that stream adult content in order to keep children safe online.

Censoring the internet for children, according to CS Magoha, is not dictatorship but responsibility.

“You do not want your children who are going to primary school to know all types and positions of having sex …. for what purpose? CS Magoha posed.

CS Magoha stated in June 2020 that he was lobbying the cabinet and the President to have pornographic websites blocked. He blamed them for the high rate of teenage pregnancies.

“You see when you are not thinking about sex but someone opens a pornographic page then you start thinking about it and generating ideas. Why is that site accessible in Kenya? Who needs it?” posed Magoha.

“Don’t tell us because it is accessible in the US that it should be accessible here. There many countries in Africa and Asia that have blocked it and their culture is better.”

Meanwhile, according to a June National Plan of Action to Combat Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA) report, 55% of Kenya’s 21.9 million children have widespread access to pornography and are vulnerable to exploitation.

According to the findings of the State Department of Social Protection, Senior Citizens Affairs, and Special Programs as well as UNICEF, children are widely involved in online dating but do not consider it abuse because no physical contact occurs.

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