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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula has assured MPs that their car allowances and mortgage privileges shall be retained after talks Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC).

Speaking on the first day of a week-long MP induction retreat in Safari Park hotel, Wetangula said that he will seek an audience with SRC and deliberate on restoring the benefits MPs were enjoying.

He assured the legislators that as the Speaker, he will ensure that the reform is achieved and even if there will be changes, they shall not be substantial.

“Nobody in their right frame of mind will interfere with your car allowances, mileage reimbursements and with your mortgage and everything else you have been having because that is your entitlement,” Wetangula said.

“And as your speaker I will ensure that we engage positively and we have advised SRC that they are not frustraters but facilitators of Members of Parliament to do their work. We can assure you that nothing will change and if it changes it will not be substantial,” he added.

Wetangula said SRC Chairperson Lyn Mengich will address MPs at the induction retreat.

“SRC will be engaged fully, I have invited the chair, she will be here, but she will come after I have made the communications I have told you.”

Speaker Wetangula further called upon the new legislators to familiarize themselves with the Constitution as it will be a key guide in House meetings while they contribute to a bill.

“I want to encourage new members, please take the earliest opportunity to learn. Please acquaint yourself with the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya that you have taken an oath to protect reserve and defend it, so that anything we do in the floor of the house is guided by the law,” urged Wetangula.

The developments comes months after SRC boss Lyn Mengich announced, the abolishment of the allowances arguing that it is part of a new review of the remuneration and benefits for State officers.

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