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Kenyan vocalist and recording artist Juliet Miriam Ayub, also known as Jovial, has lashed out at critics asking about how she plan to give back to society.

The singer says critics have been thronging her DM with the question and asking her to sign new artists as a philanthropic effort.

Dismissing the suggestion, Jovial emphasized that signing a musician to a record label is a business venture with legal repercussions.

She insisted that how she gives back is a matter between her and God and not a thing to be publicized and paraded on social media pages.
“The emotional blackmail on DM, about giving back to the society, specifically signing new artistes. Well giving back is a secret between me and my God, I do not do the social media parade,” Jovial said.

The Coast-bred, Jeraha hitmaker went ahead to make clarifications on what it means for her to sign artists saying people should stop being ignorant.

“And please let us be exposed, signing an artist is not giving back to the community, it is business. I sign you, and you bring me money, You screw up, and I take you to court,” She expounded
As she put her word out, Jovial seems to be living her word as there is not much of her signing any artists which she says is a path she has willingly and consciously decided not to take.

She says: “I choose not to walk on that road, stop the emotional blackmail. baraka zangu zinafurika kila siku (my blessings are flowing every day).”

A while ago, in 2019, the Kenyan talent left Otile Brown’s recording label with allegations going around that she had a relationship with the Dusuma singer. An issue she addressed saying she knows and respects her stand on relationships and business.

Some of the greatest hits the singer has given us include Such Kinda Love and Jeraha both in which she featured Otile Brown, Mi Amor together with Marioo, Size Yangu featuring Bahati, Around featuring Mr Seed among many others.

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