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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula now becomes the third most powerful state officer in Kenya and with that comes the perks of the job.⁣
After his election as National Assembly Speaker on Thursday evening, Wetangula will now take home a gross salary of Sh1,160,000, up from his previous salary of Sh710,000 as a senator.⁣

His basic pay is set at Sh696,000 with an additional house allowance of Sh250,000 and salary market adjustment of Sh214,000.⁣

According to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC), the salary market adjustment is a salary modification that takes into account market positioning and constitutional and statutory principles for the review of remuneration and benefits.⁣
Wetangula will also be provided with an official car with an engine capacity not exceeding 3000cc.⁣

Despite his official car, he will also be able to buy his own vehicle with a car loan of up to Sh10 million at his disposal.⁣

To help Wetangula communicate with colleagues and other individuals needed for his work, he will receive a monthly airtime allowance of Sh25,000.⁣
The speaker shall be provided with an official residence together with commensurate home utilities and attendants paid by the government. He also has access to a Sh40 mortgage facility.⁣

The inspector general of police will also assign 5 police officers to keep him safe alongside a chase car to clear the road for him.⁣
Wetangula will also be allowed an increased fuel allowance, in comparison to other members of the house.⁣

His office will be well-equipped, with a legal officer, researcher, media officer, secretaries, and a personal assistant, all of whom are taxpayer-funded.⁣

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