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Politicians allied to Azimio la Umoja Presidential candidate Raila Odinga are giving mixed signals regarding the possible outcomes of the presidential election petition at the Supreme Court.

Many excluded confidence that they would have their way while others showed signs that they had predicted a loss.

Embakasi East MP-elect Babu Owino claimed that Odinga had been shortchanged by those close to him

“Baba you will forever be my Hero. They played you all along. It was a long con. We live to fight another day,” he said.

On his part, Narok Senator-elect Ledama Olekina said he would say a prayer for the country.

“Saying a prayer for Kenya today! We, politicians, have poisoned her for so long. May she always stand strong even after our terms are over for the future generations…our children and their children. Amen,” Olekina stated.

Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga encouraged Odinga’s supporters to go ahead and prepare their attire for celebrations.

During a meeting with a group of Meru elders on Sunday, September 4, Raila urged his followers to pray for peace even after the verdict is rendered.

“Kenyans should continue to have us in their prayers, we pray for peace and wisdom. We hope that the supreme court will deliver a fair ruling which will help us to strengthen the democracy in the country.

“I will not want to speculate or anticipate the outcome of the court. I believe that our judges are people who are learned, qualified and are fair and therefore will deliver a just ruling,” he said.

The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its judgement at 12 pm on Monday, September 5, 2022.

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