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Sauti Sol singer Bien Aime Baraza has written a beautiful message for his wife as she celebrates her birthday

Through his Instagram Bien expressed her gratitude for sharing life with him and wished her more blessings.

“Happy Birthday @chikikuruka. You’re a Gem. I love and appreciate you. Doing life with you is a gift and a blessing. Happy 22nd,” Bien wrote.

The day was special for Chiki as she received a special gift from her mother which she had for days without knowing it was her gift.

“My mum made me pack my present from Turkey and told me it’s not actually mine until my birthday. I fell in love with this ring, a rare Turkish stone that changes colour with light. In 1 million lifetimes, I’d always be yours mama,” Chiki wrote.

Bien and Chiki marked their second marriage anniversary in March 2022 where they shared sweet messages.

Pouring her heart out, Chiki called Bien her person while Bien declared that he considers himself lucky for having her in his life.

“I know your need to feel free, means I remain independent. Your ability to tell me off, means I’m never set in my ways. Your fight for yourself reminds me to fight for myself. It hasn’t always been easy, and I’m sure it won’t always be easy. But I’m also sure, that YOU and you alone, are my person,” Chiki’s post read in part.

In reply, Bien stated: “Happy Anniversary babe,” adding in a separate post, “I could write a book on how lucky I am to have you in my life. You really bring out the best in me. To many more great memories my love. Thank you for being my compass. I love and appreciate you.”

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