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Just days after word got around that gospel singer Size 8 and her celebrity deejay husband DJ Mo’s marriage had hit the doldrums, the ‘Murayas’ re-united in a Youtube video to set the record straight.

Without getting into the specifics of what caused Size 8 to leave her matrimonial home, the couple claimed they were surprised at how quickly word of their split spread and then went on to show off the construction of their new multi-story country house, which is nearing completion.

“This is the doing of the lord, in three and a half months, we’ve been able to do this,” DJ Mo said, looking quite pleased with the ongoing construction.

“This is not by our own strength or our own grace, this is by the hand of the most-high God, the sovereign Jehovah Adonai…” Size 8 chimed in.

And when the house tour was done and dusted, the couple confronted the elephant in the room- their recent breakup.

According to Size 8, grapevine hit local media three days after she upped and left, and she was unsure how the information got to the media because neither she nor her husband said anything.

“Yes I did, yes I ran away from home …. yes I ran away because I was very angry with DJ Mo, alikuwa amenikosea, so I ran I just needed some space to breathe and you know… just talk to God

According to the gospel singer, who also serves as a preacher, she was concerned that because of their strong emotions, they would end up saying hurtful things to each other.

She claims she returned home after her husband apologized, but not before they met with several preachers for a ‘biblical conclusion.’

“Mo alikuwa amenikosea, and it was not something small, but he apoogised and we sat down with men of God, pastor Joan, pastor Chris Chege and came to a biblical conclusion and we are now reconciled in marriage by the grace of God,” Size 8 added.

According to DJ Mo, disagreements in marriage are common, and it is rare to find a marriage that is free of drama.

“All marriages have similar issues, as long as ni mwanaume na mwanamke, disagreements, unakuta kuna mwenye alipatikana nje… it is the same, same issues,” he said.

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