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Rapper Karimi Muriungi also known as Miss Cashy has accused his baby daddy Khaligraph Jones of threats and intimidation as she tries to pursue child support.

In recent online posts Cashy said she had received threats and intimidation from her baby daddy’s lawyers and her pursuit for child support has been met by what she termed as outrageous demands.

“Pursuing any form of basic child rights school fees, at the very least is not an outrageous demand considering she was compelled to give DNA test results in August 2021.

We have been in Nairobi for the said access case since July 2022 patiently waited for a hearing. That was postponed because the file went missing last week. This is painful and traumatizing for the child and the mother considering the aggressive parties benefit from her silence,” she stated.

However, Khaligraph Jones management in a statement said that efforts to pursue an agreement out of court did not bear fruits as she was giving demands which Khaligraph said could not be met.

“After a long period of constant harassment by Cashy against our artiste he sought her out of with a view to reach an amicable settlement out of court, however this approach was not successful due to her outrageous demands,” part of the statement read.

The rapper’s management further said there were orders stopping Karimi from publishing details the minor involved.

“Our artiste has restrained himself throughout the harassment and defamation of character. We seek to state categorically that our artiste will not be dragged into meaningless online wars and shall not be dragged into meaningless online wars and shall await the decision of the courts which he commits to abide,” the management’s statement concluded.

Cashy has previously said that her baby daddy has said he is only willing to support the baby if the child lives with Jones’ wife Georgina and their three children.

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