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Musician Linet Munyali, better known as Size 8, has explained why she had left her husband Sammy Muraya alias DJ Mo and moved out of her matrimonial home.

In a video, Size 8 admitted that she had a huge fight with DJ Mo and was surprised that news about their argument was made public.

“Yes, I ran away and I was very angry at DJ Mo. He did something wrong to me and I just needed some space to breathe and talk to God because I believe that when my emotions are high we might get into an altercation or mistreat each other,” she said.

On his part, DJ Mo said he was also angry and under a lot of pressure.

“I was also mad and under pressure but when I went home, I found that she left, which I understand,” he said.

Three days after Size 8 left their matrimonial home, they were surprised to see the news online and wondered how the information had leaked.

“I did not leave my matrimonial home for a small reason. It was hurtful, but he has apologised and we sat down with pastor Joan and pastor Chris Chege and we came to a biblical conclusion and now we are reconciled back to the marriage,” she clarified.

Size 8 said her husband acknowledged his mistake and also thanked musician Daddy Owen for intervening in the feud.

“I don’t know why people exaggerate when celebrities have the same issues in marriage. Every marriage has its ups and downs,” she said.

The musician also noted that their children had been affected by their arguments because she left with them.

She recalled that one of her children had asked her when they would go back home, signalling that they were not comfortable with the situation.

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