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Kiss 100 presenter Oga Obinna has threatened to sue his baby mama for defamation after she accused him of having a sponsor.

Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko the comedian rubbished claims that he is funded by a sponsor justifying that he does seven jobs to be able to support his lifestyle and provide for his children .

“If I had a sugar mummy I would not be waking up at 4:00 am, I could not be doing the seven shows, not sleeping. I get home at around 3:00 am, sleep for a few minutes, and head out for the next show.

“Why would I do all this if I had a sugar mummy?” asked Obinna.

Obinna further vowed to go to court for defamations citing that his Baby mama is taking advantage of his silence on the matter.

“Let’s meet in court then come with the evidence, because now that’s where it has gotten to, it’s now defamation, I kept quiet and she keeps going. We are going on all in and the chances are high if I decided to take the kids from her I will, I have evidence that she is mentally incapable to take care of the baby,” said Obinna.

According to Obinna’s baby mama, the comedian left her for a rich sugar mummy, who even bought him the car he’s currently using.

The two have been seen hurling insults at each other for several days now after the baby mama accused him of harassment and being a toxic man.

Obinna threatens to take possessions he bought for a baby mama after the fallout
Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna recently threatened to take back all possessions he acquired for his baby mama.

Obinna, in a long Twitter thread, said his baby mama was abusing the privileges she had and resolved to only support his kids directly.

“I’m starting by collecting back everything I have bought. EVERYTHING. Watu wabaki vile walipatwa. You have privileges that you are shitting on. Let the current man take the mantle. The only thing I’ll provide is anything that directly affects my kids,” he wrote.

The comedian asked friends looking to support him to do so publicly and not in private calls and messages as the tribulations he was facing were on public platforms.

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