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Makueni Governor-elect Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has opined that the most significant legacy outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta will have is handing over power peacefully.

Speaking in an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, Mutula said that President Kenyatta should be reassuring Kenyans of a calm and peaceful transition amidst the current political tensions and even spend his last days in office meeting Kenyans across the country.

“There is a time we had a meeting on BBI in State House and I told the president that his biggest legacy is not BBI or the highways and good roads. His biggest legacy will be the day he hands over power peacefully,” said Mutula.

“Therefore, if I was Uhuru I would get out of State House and walk around like the way he was on top of his car greeting Kenyans and having nyama choma at Kenyatta Market and it will calm down everybody.”

Mutula further advised that the president should be calm and be the one to propagate the idea of impartiality in handing over, and “not like the way every time he issues a press conference he looks angry. He should be calm.”

On August 18, President Kenyatta met the Interfaith group at State House, where he assured them that the transition process will be a smooth one.

This is despite his earlier declaration that he prefers handing over to Azimio’s Raila Odinga, while criticizing his deputy William Ruto.

“Ninasema anayeweza kutuongoza kwa amani ni Raila Odinga na Martha Karua…Wacha kwanza Mzee atuangalilie hii kazi na labda vijana mtakuja baadaye,” he said while commissioning several projects in Makueni and Mombasa counties in early August.

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