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Former Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa is breathing a sigh of relief this morning following the lifting of a warrant of arrest that had been issued following her failure to attend court in relation to a corruption case.

The warrant was lifted on Tuesday, August 23 by Mombasa Chief Magistrate Martha Mutuku after Jumwa virtually appeared in court.

“With her attendance (in court), we pray that you lift the warrant of arrest against the first accused person (Jumwa),” pleaded Jumwa’s lawyer, Shadrack Wambui.

According to Wambui, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) member failed to show up in court as she wasn’t feeling well.

Due to a lack of objection from the prosecution, the Chief Magistrate had no choice but to lift the warrant. However, she told Wambui that he must present Jumwa’s medical records to court and prosecutors.

The former MP is accused of conspiracy to commit fraud. She and six others are required to account for Sh20 million which was illegally wired to Jumwa and her close relatives from the Malindi Constituency Development Fund (CDF) docket.

According to Head of the Financial Crime Investigation Unit, Mike Muia, the funds were allocated to the construction of an education office.

The investigators claim that most of the funds were stolen and wired back to Jumwa. They further noted that those who placed bids for the construction tender were Jumwa’s relatives, including her son and daughter.

Those arrested and arraigned in court are Malindi NG-CDF Manager, Wachu OMar Abdalla, and officials Sophia Said, Bernard Kai, Margaret Faith Kalume, Robert Katana and Engineer Kennedy Otieno Onyango.

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