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Seven judges have until September 5 to render a decision after nine petitions were filed at the Supreme Court on Monday contesting the victory of president-elect William Ruto in the recently concluded elections.

The seven judges—Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, justices William Ouko, Mohammed Ibrahim, Justice (Dr.) Smokin Wanjala, Lady Justice Njoki Ndungu, and Justice Isaac Lenaola—are led by Chief Justice Martha Koome.

The Supreme Court will conduct its business during the allotted 14 days, according to the Judiciary.

The respondents (Willian Ruto, The IEBC, IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati, and 6 IEBC commissioners) will be served with a notification prompting them that they have a case to respond to on the first day, which is today (Tuesday, August 23).

The respondents may prepare their responses, which they will serve on the court as a rejoinder on Sunday, August 28, from Wednesday through Saturday, August 27.

Interlocutory Applications, or other matters that may have arisen and need to be floored before the court, will be filed on Monday.

The applications will receive a response, if there is one, on Tuesday, August 30. On the same day, a pre-trial for the petitions will also take place.

If any applications are made, they may be submitted on Wednesday by a third party or friend of the court.

The case will then proceed through a main trial until the very last day, which is Monday, September 5.

The 9 petitions were filed by Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua, activists Okiya Omtatah, Khelef Khalifa, David Kairuki Ngari, Moses Kuria, John Njoroge Kamau, Reuben Kigame, John Githongo and lobby group Youth Advocacy Africa.

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