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Justina Wamae, the deputy presidential candidate for Kenya’s Roots party, has hit back at the roots party after being summoned to a disciplinary hearing for misrepresenting the party during the recent elections.

According to a statement written by Roots Party legal director Washika Wachira, Justina was summoned to the party’s headquarters on Friday to respond to accusations of making contradictory and malicious statements about the party in both mainstream media and social media.

Justina quickly responded on social media, stating that she will not be attending the summons and that she “will soldier on.”

She also denied claims made in the aforementioned statement that she was given accommodation and an official party vehicle during the campaign.

“I will not respond to pettiness. But on the non-existent accommodation and car you ‘imagined’ you ‘assisted’ me with you can withdraw in your DREAMS. It is your party do what you deem fit, I will soldier on,” she tweeted.

Justina was flagged for repeatedly misrepresenting the party’s and the party leader’s positions, including claiming that Prof. Wajackoyah had endorsed the candidature of Azimio la Umoja’s flag bearer Raila Odinga.

Wachira added that Justina’s violation of the Roots Party’s manifesto and constitution caused “public ridicule and disrepute” to the political party.

Justina was thereafter warned to desist from speaking on behalf of the party lest she faces legal consequences.

“We have instructions from the party leader to demand that you cease and desist from speaking, uttering, or purporting to speak on behalf of the Roots Party of Kenya,” noted Wachira.

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