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Langata member of parliament elect Phelix Jalang’o Odiwour has revealed conditions brands seeking to have him advertise will have to meet.

The incoming member of parliament said brands seeking to partner with him will have to take up projects in his constituency for deals to be inked. Further he stated that one of his partners had already signed a deal to establish water projects in the constituency.

“For me to be a brand ambassador of your product you must commit to take up and support a community project in Langata!” Jalang’o stated.

The former radio presenter also said he was willing to still do radio provided he could leave in time for other errands.

“Radio is my love and if I get a morning show that ends by 9 so that I can make it for bunge on time then why not? I know many MPs who still do their jobs and deliver for their constituency,” he stated.

Jalango has had to let go many of his errands after winning the parliamentary seat including his You Tube channel which he left for his staffers whom he urged to carry on with running of operations.

He however said he would be making periodical appearances to take up interviews.

“Jalango TV is now in the hands of my team but once or twice I will be doing high profile and political interviews. I will also use it to showcase the different projects we are doing in Langata,” he noted.

Under the stewardship of Jalang’o the channel has managed to grow to 574K subscribers and boasts of having interviewed major personalities such as footballer Michael Olunga, and even the incumbent Deputy President William Ruto.

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