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Kenyans in the United Kingdom have called on the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to investigate the death of the IEBC official. They called on the police to bring the perpetrators to book within the next 14 days. They said they will be monitoring the situation with a view to taking legal steps to protect any Kenyans. “The Inspector General of Police must demonstrate competence, desist from the negligence of duty and uphold his oath of office and responsibility to the people of Kenya who pay his wages,” they said. “The job of maintaining law and order and the security of every Kenyan remains the responsibility of the Inspector general and his officers. It is a noble and sacred duty that the inspector general cannot relegate or delegate.”

They said no one should die because their candidate has lost or won an election or because they have been an election official. “We urge their families not to be cowed by these cowardly and shadowy bodies whose brief is to undermine the sovereign will of the people of Kenya by attempting to sabotage our collective ability to decide on who should govern our country,” they said.

They also called on Kenyans to stand with the IEBC for taking all practical steps to ensure that the 2022 elections have been conducted freely, fairly, and independently. They however congratulated President-Elect William Ruto and his running mate Rigathi Gachagua for their win.

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