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Christopher Koech, a teacher at Khaunga Primary School in Mumias has died in unclear circumstances. Koech was a potential International Criminal Court (ICC) witness in a case against lawyer Paul Gicheru.

According to numerous reports, Koech died on July 17 while admitted to Kakamega County Referral Hospital over suspected poisoning.

Koech is said to have on July 16 made his way to Khaunga Primary School on his motorbike but after an hour hurriedly left the premises without revealing why or where he was headed.

A few hours later, the late was found lying on the side of the road near Shibuli market, about 21km from the school. Reports indicate that he was found foaming from his mouth and sweating profusely.

On-lookers said that the late regained consciousness and insisted that he wanted to ride his motorbike. However, police officers insisted that he be rushed to hospital.

Foaming or frothing at the mouth occurs when excess saliva pools in the mouth or lungs and is mixed with air, creating foam. Doctors state that foaming can often be as a result of either drug overdose, seizure, rabies or poisoning.

Upon his arrival at the hospital, Koech was immediately admitted to Ward One, unfortunately his condition worsened later in the evening. Koech was later pronounced dead on the morning of July 17.

A postmortem to establish the cause of death is yet to be done, however the school’s principle told journalists that the late had complained of a slight headache when he arrived in school on July 16.

“He didn’t look that bad and was at the school for about an hour and then left on his motorbike. We had advised him to take some painkillers to relieve the headache,” Principal Benson Wabuyabo told the Nation.
The late was set to travel to The Hague to testify in lawyer Gicheru’s ICC case. The case is currently closed over witness tampering.

The witness in this case only identified as P-0739 revealed they feared for their life because of the nature of the evidence they provided on the suspects mentioned during the three days they were in the witness box.



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