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YouTuber and influencer Eve Mungai has penned a wonderful message to celebrate her boyfriend Director Trevor’s birthday.

Eve expressed her joy in seeing her boyfriend grow, assuring him of her adoration in their journey of love. The YouTuber thanked her partner for his support saying he was a man full of brilliant ideas and an inspiration to many.

“Today is the day to celebrate the most amazing person in my life! I am so excited to see you turn a year older and I thank God for this new chapter of your life! I want you to always know that you’re loved and appreciated, Happy birthday my love,” Eve’s post read.

“Thank you so much for always doing the most for us and being a responsible man that you are I just can’t wait to see what life has for you. I am so blessed to call you mine and on this day I wish you many more years of brilliant ideas and being inspiration to many!” she added.

Eve gifted him a new phone worth Sh157,000.
The couple who have been together for close to two years now have been key in the success of their online content creation venture.

Their YouTube channel boasts of 580K subscribers making it among the biggest online platforms in Kenya. On July 1, the couples channel hit 100 million views an achievement she partly attributed Director Trevor to.
“100 million total views on YouTube. Thankyou so much team Mungai eve for always showing us love we really appreciate, let’s continue pushing towards our goal i.e 1M subscribers. To our amazing director Trevor we really appreciate your efforts and always giving us content on time.” wrote Eve on her Instagram page.

Through their venture the couple has been able to acquire a house and car in just under two years.



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