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A high wage bill has led to Moi University initiating the process of hiring a consulting firm, to carry out a staff redundancy exercise.⁣

The sacking of staff has been identified as a cost-cutting strategy as the institution is struggling with a huge wage bill, currently at 70 percent.⁣

According to the University, the consulting firm will be onboarded to help identify redundant jobs as well as the amount that might be saved as a result.⁣

“The University intends to engage the services of a consultancy firm to undertake Human Resource right-sizing exercise with the aim of improving efficiency in service delivery,” revealed Moi University.⁣

The University through the Vice-Chancellor Professor Isaac Koskey wrote a letter to the Universities Academic Staff Union (UASU) breaking down the entire process.⁣

“Towards this end, the University is considering a reduction of staffing levels that will call for compulsory redundancies,” he said.⁣

If approved by UASU, the consulting firm will be utilized for 51 calendar days, where they will be expected to come up with a formula that selects redundant jobs and staff.⁣

The consulting firm will also be mandated to provide legal advice on how to conduct the entire process as well as other applicable University policies at all stages in the process.⁣

According to the Auditor General Nancy Gathungu, Moi University since June 2020, has accumulated pending bills worth Sh1.1 Billion.⁣

Gathungu further reiterated that the pending bills if not settled within 90 days might lead to the institution facing legal action.⁣



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