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The rise of TikTok has presented content creators with a hunger for followers, causing them to do unthinkable things, this has been the case ofAq9ine, as a video of him eating a bat went viral a few weeks ago.⁣

Speaking in an interview, the TikToker narrated how after eating the bat he started developing a running nose for six continuous hours and all the medication he tried did not help him.⁣

“Four days after eating the Bat, I contracted a cough, a running nose for like six hours …” the TikToker stated.⁣

“In those six hours, I had taken at least four different kinds of medication and none appeared to be working,” he added⁣

The running nose was soon followed by an incessant cough as well as chest pains.⁣

The content creator recalled that he suspected to have contracted Covid-19 for eating the bat but he didn’t go to the hospital, instead he decided to self-medicate using marijuana.⁣

“When I coughed blood, I got really worried, but then I said, It is what it is, I did not go to the hospital, I hate hospitals,” he added.⁣

The TikToker explained that the condition worsened as he soon started coughing blood, developed a sore throat and he progressively lost his voice, insisting he still didn’t seek medical attention.⁣

“My medicine is marijuana and that is what I used. After two days my voice broke and had a sore throat but after smoking weed for two days, at least things change,” said the comedian.⁣

Aq9ine has gained some 209K followers, and 2.9 million views on TikTok and it appears there is no end in sight for the self-styled ‘King of Muguka’ as he reveals that he intends to cook an endless list of animals including snakes, flies and snails in the coming days.⁣



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