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A nasty fallout between socialite Huddah Monroe and TMI podcast co-star Murugi Munyi has entered its second day with Murugi responding to Huddah’s remarks on her body.⁣

In a video posted on Tuesday morning, Mrs Munyi termed the fat-shaming remarks made by Huddah as ‘ugly’ encouraging plus-size women to love and appreciate their bodies.⁣

“There’s a lot going on online right now but let me just say to whoever is out there fat-shaming fellow women, I want you to know that you are beautiful and you are loved.⁣

“And whatever is inside you that makes you feel like you want to insult someone who does not look like you, I honestly hope that resolve because that’s an ugly and horrible way to go through life,” the podcaster stated, responding to Huddah’s relentless comments on her size.⁣

Amongst other unmentionable insults, Huddah called Munyi a ‘garbage truck’, ‘sura kama ndovu’ and repeatedly lambasted the YouTuber for the liposuction procedure she underwent in February.⁣

“The same way you abuse my brand is the same way I will insult you… Go get a life. No physical surgery can help your stinking mental attitude, look within.⁣

“My business is like my baby, insulting it is like insulting my child. You don’t know how long and how much hard work has been put to bring us to where we are. Yet you sit in your old mold-filled house talking sh8t. Think twice, haters don’t prosper,” Huddah stated in a rant about Mrs Munyi on Monday night.⁣



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