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Controversial content creators Cate, Eve, and Mary alias ‘Comrades triplets’ who shot to fame after sensationally claiming that they are dating the same man have clashed with renowned media personality Amina Abdi who they dismissed as a jealous fellow.

It all started when Amina, who hosts The Trend on NTV, took to social media with a hard tackle, criticizing the content created by the trio.

While the ‘Comrades Triplets’ have enjoyed the limelight in the recent past doing pranks on social media with some videos going viral, Amina shared concerns with how they develop content on their platform.

She responded to one of the videos by the content creators, noting that she found the jokes somewhat unfunny as they were made at the expense of other people.

“I don’t know why I don’t find some of these jokes funny. I see the humour. It’s just that it’s at someone else’s expense. Shouldn’t you tell them it’s just joking at some point when you’re pranking someone?

“Plus, he could have hurt himself… anyway, ni content,” Amina’s critique read.
The trio fired back in an interview on YouTube, claiming that they are being ‘attacked’ for their content after succeeding and challenged Amina to support the girl child.

They further accused her of jealousy and challenged her to stop.

“Amina should stop being jealous. She should support the girl child,” Mary said.
The trio’s rise to fame was controversial and shot to fame after an interview with renowned media personality, was Felix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o.

In the interview, the trio claimed that they are blood sisters and were dating the same man who they met and fell in love with at different times.

Their alleged boyfriend also featured in the interview and corroborated their claim.

A few days later, it emerged that they had successfully duped the public as a means of shooting to fame.



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