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Two former inmates tied the knot at the King’ong’o Maximum Security Prison in a ceremony held on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

Virginia Kalondu who has served her time in three different prisons got married to the love of her life Martin Mzera who also served jail time for involvement in gang robbery.

According to Nation, this was the first prison wedding between ex-convicts to take place in Kenya.The wedding ceremony was officiated by a Korean priest and attended by prison warders and members of the Korean community who organised the wedding.

The two lovebirds met during a world youth camp sponsored by the International Youth Programme.

“I was volunteering in one of their programmes and that is when I met Virginia and we started having conversations about our pasts and I liked her back in 2017. We officiated the relationship in September last year,” the groom told the media during the event.

“When I met him, at the back of my mind I did not think that anyone would have loved me, especially with the knowledge of my past crimes but he did,” his newly wedded wife added.

Kalondu explained that she chose the prison as a venue because having been locked up for seven years, it felt like home.



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