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Betty Kyallo responds to fan confessing love for her with a placard⁣
Fans crushing on celebrities is a common occurrence and some have gone as far as doing weird things just to get the attention of their favorite celebrities.⁣

On Valentine’s Day, a man only identified as Skytone took to the streets confessing his love for celebrated media personality Betty Kyallo, complete with a placard.⁣

The placard in question carried a message which read: “Am Skytone Baby! I can’t be lonely this valentine. Am looking for my love, the beautiful Betty Kyallo. Nairobians hook me up.”⁣

The virality of Skytone’s placard and bold decision to go after what his heart yearns for, managed to get the attention of Ms Kyallo.⁣

In a post seen by this writer, Betty acknowledged having heard of the man’s public outcry adding that she was willing to take him on a coffee date.⁣

“Happy Valentine’s everyone. Also to this gentleman, thank you for the love. Let me buy you coffee sometime. I hear you. Thank you happy valentines,” responded Betty Kyallo.⁣

Following Kyallo’s response, a number of celebrities and fans joined the conversation asking her to make the coffee date a reality as soon as possible.⁣

Betty Kyallo’s Valentine’s Day surprise⁣
On the same day, Betty was treated to a pleasant Valentine’s Day surprise.⁣

The former TV girl put up a video of herself entering a room full of red flower petals, coupled with red balloons – a perfect scene for an intimate Valentine’s Day celebration.⁣

She could not hide her joy at the surprise marveling at how she is loved.⁣

“What a lovely surprise. I am completely spoilt and happy😊,” reads Betty Kyallo’s caption.⁣



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