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On Monday, Kenyan dancehall artiste Karuga Kimani alias KRG the Don treated himself to an exquisite Birthday party at a time he was turning 31-years-old.

The flamboyant musician held the party at his own club dubbed Casa Vera Lounge along Ngong Road.

KRG who is known to be a lover of the finest things, maintained his high level of class at the birthday party attended by the likes of comedian YY, Arrow Bwoy, Dufla Diligon, Nick Bigfis, Oga Obinna, Carlos just but to mention a few.

In a Phone-Interview with Kiss 100’s Jalang’o, KRG said that he will spend a minimum of Sh5 million on his birthday.

“Sina limit lakini niko na minimum…five million lakini tunaeza zaidi kabisa…

“Kitu enye nataka kukula leo nakula, kitu nataka kununua nanunua, nikipiga sherehe na watu washindwe kulipa pombe mimi nitawalipia…mambo ni mingi,.masaa ndio hakuna sababu niko na hadi midnight ya kujigamba,” said the artist.

However, before the party, the Fast Cash Music Group CEO, treated himself to a chopper ride around the city, but is experience was not that enjoyable.

“I’m not boarding any chopper from that company again the pilot almost finished me, he doesn’t have experience ya Kuland kabisa,” lamented KRG the Don.



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