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Sailors Gang group member Miracle Baby has spoken out after numerous questions on what happened to the Gengetone music group.

A frustrated Miracle Baby addressed their fans, in no uncertain terms, saying that when the group was experiencing difficulties with its management company they felt unsupported.

Sailors Gang rose to fame for their street anthems Wamlambez, Wainame, Pekejeng and others and was comprised of Peter Miracle Baby, Shalkido, QoqosJuma, Masilver and Lexxy Yung.

The explicit lyricism and expert use of the new age versions of Kenyan slang Sheng’ propelled their fame even further and concurrently started various conversations on Kenya’s music and culture.

As their career started to peak, they however, had various public spats with their management team, MRX Media, a company which belongs to radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel.



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