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A 50-year-old man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his wife and dumping her body in a pit latrine in Kisii County.

Appearing before High Court Judge Rose Ougo on Tuesday, George Morara was charged with murder.

The court heard that in 2019, Morara murdered Jesca Moraa within Rioma village in Marani sub-county and dumped her body in a pit latrine.

“By releasing you will cause more harm to the community, you are a serious offender to your family and to the community you deserve a life sentence for the safety of Rioma people,” read a report presented to court by probation officers.

During the hearing, the defence counsel led by Shaffin Kaba said the accused was suffering from a terminal illness and that he had reformed over the years that he had been in prison.

“An innocent life was lost, (the accused) caused harm and pain to the deceased and buried her body in a pit latrine,” ruled Justice Ougo.

The court found no proof that Morara had a terminal illness, saying non-custodial sentence was not suitable for him



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