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A family in Katuit village of Loruk in Baringo north sub-county is in agony as their attempts to recover the body of their little girl who was attacked by a crocodile in Lake Baringo three months ago remain unfruitful.

Cherop Sangut, aged 13 years, was attacked on the shores of Lake Baringo where she had gone to wash clothes and bathe – on the afternoon of August 9 – 2021.

According to witnesses, an enormous crocodile lunged and grabbed her in its jaws before immersing her into deep waters.

Her friends who were with her tried to pull her out of the grasp by grabbing her legs, but their efforts bore no fruit as the reptile plunged into the thick corals while still holding the little girl – and she has never been seen again.

Sangut’s mother, 35-year-old Toyoi Lokodong, has been combing the shores, hoping to find the body of her dead girl, or anything that is left of her so the family can accord her a decent burial.

Today, the family which is already suffering under the vagaries of poverty, is desperate and begging for help – any help.

If not scouring the lake shore in search of their daughter, you will find the family inside their little hut, which is made of an assembly of sticks, twigs and plastic sheets which serve as the roof.

The poor family has described their little Cherop as a disciplined, jovial and hardworking girl.

She has been described as disciplined, jovial, clean and hardworking.

“My heart is yet to accept that my beautiful first born daughter is dead and gone,” the mother said even as she fought back tears.

Since the tragedy, she has been combing the shores of the lake in case strong winds might push some recognisable body part to shore “so at least we can give her a decent send off,” she says.

The father, David Sangut, said the family has left everything to God and the government.

“We have already made an appeal to the government hoping that they will move fast to ensure adequate compensation for the loss of our daughter,” said Sangut.

Kenya Wildlife Service Baringo Deputy Warden David Cheruiyot said this is the first time they are having to deal with a case where a victim’s body goes totally missing after such an attack.



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