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Two more Kenyan secondary schools reported separate fire incidents at their facilities over the weekend.⁣

The two schools – Jamhuri High School in Nairobi and Kerugoya Girls High School in Kirinyaga – are the latest to join the list of schools that have experienced student unrest over the past month.⁣

Both incidents took place on Sunday November 15, 2021 and some students have been admitted in hospital over smoke inhalation, no casualties were reported.⁣

Auhorities have established that the fire at Kerugoya Girls High School started on Sunday afternoon at the dormitories causing extensive damage at the buildings.⁣

Several girls are admitted at the Kerugoya Level Five Hospital for treatment on smoke inhalation.⁣

With the cause of the fire yet to be established, reports indicate that the Sunday fire at Jamhuri High School razed down a dormitory at the institution.⁣

Quick response by the Nairobi Fire Department saw the incident curtailed before any casualties were reported.⁣

Education CAS advocates for Counselling⁣

Speaking last week, Education Chief Administrative Secretary Dr Sarah Ruto noted that the government is looking to provide counseling for students as a way to curb the increasing cases of unrest.⁣

She said that a collaborative work among the parents, teachers and Boards of Management in engaging children is the best approach in ending unrest in schools.⁣

“We’ll realize improvement in education sector only if we protect the already built infrastructures. Let’s strive to formulate measures that provide solutions to the local problems,” the CAS stated.⁣

Education Principal Secretary Julius Jwan reiterated that the government would not be catering for the cost of reconstruction and repairs following the unrest.⁣



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