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he government has set the launch of the Sh5.8 billion Likoni Cable Car project for April 2022.⁣

This follows the allocation of land by the National Land Commission after the unavailability of the land delayed the project for years.⁣

In November, NLC chairman Gershom Otachi ordered the Kenya Ports Authority to utilize the land within 180 days, lest it is reverted to the owners.⁣

“The management body shall within 180 days of publishing of this reservation order cause to be prepared and submit to NLC for approval a plan for the development management and use of the reserved land failure to which the management orders will stand revoked,” read the gazette notice in part.⁣

The Likoni Cable Car project is a privately initiated and privately funded private public partnership(PPP) project.⁣

The company will operate the transport facility for 25 years before transferring it to the Kenya Ferry Services.⁣



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