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Actress and singer Sanaipei Tande opened up in details on claims that radio Presenter Maina Kageni offered her Sh500K to have his baby back in 2007.⁣

Appearing on Churchill show, Sanaipei confirmed the allegations, with an explanation that Maina approached her when she had just joined Kiss 100.⁣

“I had just joined Kiss 100. I had not secured my own show yet. He told me at that time that if I ever wanted to work another day in my life I had to give him a child. I was only 21 or 22 years of age, just about begin my career,” said Sanaipei Tande.⁣

During the conversation, Ms Tande advised young girls who are yet to built their career not to involve themselves in relationships that will lead them to other responsibilities.⁣

“I had not built myself and that is something I tell young girls until now, if you have not built yourself don’t involve yourself in relationships that will lead you to other responsibilities and you start depending on that man entirely,” she noted.⁣

The former radio presenter went on to state Maina’s request has always landed her in trouble with Netizens.⁣

“Every time I post anything on social media, netizens have to tag Maina Kageni in my comment section while constantly pressuring me to give him a baby ooh, give Maina Kageni a baby. In people’s mind because I don’t a lot about my love life they think that I’m available,” she said.⁣

Sanaipei also mentioned that Maina brought up the topic in January 2021 when she went for an interview on Classic 105.⁣

“Mara ya kwanza hakusema kuna Sh500K, na sasa wasichana wananiambia wewe wacha kuwa mjinga but unfortunately for me money doesn’t not control me,” said Ms Tande.⁣



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