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Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi has taken a swipe at Orange Democratic Movement (ODM)leader Raila Odinga’s promise of 6,000 shillings monthly stipend to unemployed youth if elected president.

Speaking Thursday when he appeared on Citizen TV’s Day Break show, Wamatangi dismissed the promise, terming it as “almost impossible”.

“It is almost impossible to promise 50 million Kenyans that it is possible for you to equip them with some form of handout of 6,000 shillings… we cannot, and there is nowhere a welfare state has ever prospered or moved a country forward,” said the senator.

Wamatangi said he was speaking on behalf of Kenyans, who he said have for long been subject to politicians’ promises during campaign periods, only to underdeliver during their leadership periods.

“I would speak on behalf of the people of Kenya because we have been treated to this so many times over,” he said. adding “we have to own this game ourselves, let us not wait to be treated as the people of Kenya.”

“Even when these promises are made, ask the hard questions such that you are sure that what is being told is going to be done.”

During a tour of Turkana, Odinga said his plan to offer Ksh6,000 monthly to poor families and the youth will go a long way in bridging the poverty gap.

He followed it up at a public rally in Kamukunji, saying the welfare plan aims to reach at least 8 million people in just one year after its rollout

“We have a plan to ensure that we get to resuscitate the economy and Kenya to progress. We can and I am ready if I am told to continue with this endeavor,” he said.



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