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Buruburu Girls High School has been closed indefinitely following Sunday’s fire incident that left 59 students injured.

Parents were alerted to pick their children on Monday.

Screaming students were seen escaping through the window as smoke engulfed the whole building building.

For them it was a matter of life and death with some opting to use this window as their escape route.

The rescue team and medical personnel from the neighbouring metropolitan hospital had a difficult time with ambulance making several trips to the metropolitan hospital transporting those injured.

Fifty-nine girls were received by the hospital, most of them in stable condition.

According to Metropolitan Hospital most of the students sustained severe burn injuries, while others inhaled carbon monoxide.

Worried parents flocked the school at one point overpowering the security team, forcing their way into the school as they sought for their children.

Buru Buru sub county police commander Francis Kamau said the cause of the fire could not be immediately established.



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