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Munira Hassan, a third woman introduced to the Ndichu brothers assault scandal through CCTV footage has finally addressed her involvement in the incident.⁣

Ms Hassan recorded a statement at the Kiambu Police Station, stating that the twins came to her rescue after one of the Murgor sisters allegedly attacked her at the Ole Sereni Hotel.⁣

“We got to the lobby and were talking to the receptionist and next thing we know, a lady is running into the lobby screaming, cursing us out and taking her shoes off and asking to fight the person who pissed her sister off, with a security guard holding her back,” reads part of Munira Hassan’s statement.⁣

Munira also alleges that one of the men who was in company of the Murgor sisters hit her first.⁣

“That’s when I jumped in and told her again to respect people and to mind her business and she tried to kick me, and one of the twins held me back to protect me from her, but one of the men from her side came in and hit me,” added Munira.⁣

However, Ms Munira’s statement is in conflict with events as seen on CCTV footage released by Citizen TV on Tuesday.⁣

The video started with Munira Hassan exchanging what looked like a phone with one of twin brothers and from afar, Stephanie Murgor was seen walking towards the counter where Munira and the brothers were seated.⁣

Minutes later, one of the twin brothers who was in white shirt whispered something to Stephanie, leaving her irritated on the spot.⁣

So far, the girls involved in the saga have recorded their statements at Langata Police Station and P3 forms given in regards to the same.⁣



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