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Game Developers are switching to Rust.

Rust versus C++ is a recent trending topic for developers. There are many similarities between Rust and C++, and many developers wonder which is better to use. What is Rust Language in the first place? This is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Mozilla that has a focus on performance and safety. C++ on the other hand is a high-level, general-purpose, compiled language that has been around for a while known for its performance, robustness, and efficiency

Both these languages compete in the realm of system-level development, and they both have steep learning curves compared to more beginner-friendly languages like Python. Rust is considered as naughty language as it is quite hard to pick up on. Due to its many desirable qualities, it is said to be the language for the next 40 years. Below is a comparison between the two languages:

Memory safety

Most system-level languages do not offer automatic memory management, as features like garbage collection can slow down performance. To keep it’s speed, C++ has sacrificed memory-safety, which is a notable disadvantage. To solve this issue, Rust uses a system of ownership, which enforces and improves its memory safety across the board. It essentially removes the need for any manual memory management procedures. Rust supplies the built-in features for management procedures while C++ leaves that to the programmer.

Compile Time

Full build times are about the same for C++ and Rust, depending on how many templates a C++ project is implementing. C++ generally does better with incremental compilation. Rust’s compiler is known for being friendly. It offers useful error messages and top-notch tooling.

Ease of use

Most people who started using C++ Language and have familiarized with it, they will consider Rust language as naughty. Though it will take less lines of codes to execute a similar task as that of C++, it isn’t easy to pick from zero to mastery.

Game Development

Rust is also entering the world of game development, with much powerful frameworks. Games can be developed with Rust, but it will take some time before it can compete with C++ since it has been in the market for a little longer. As more Rust developers build out the Rust ecosystem, it may start to compete more heavily. So, if you are interested in game development, keep learning C++, but keep a watchful eye on Rust, especially now with the creation of the Rust Foundation.


In conclusion:-

C++ is better in terms of community support. If you want a reliable, well-supported language with a powerful library, C++ is a good option. You should also use C++ for game development.

Rust is better for memory safety and concurrency. If you want code to be very safe and avoid memory leaks, then Rust is the way to go.

At the end of the day, the language you choose depends on your comfortability. Choosing Rust or C++ will not fail you either way. Both are solid, well-used, recognized languages that will get the job done.



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