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Rachael Shebesh has been on treatment for 30 years, and all the things she achieved she did even after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. ‘You can live a normal life even when living with a mental illness.’ says Rachael.

Shebesh has shared how she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 22.

Rachael shared how her husband Frank noticed something was off and suggested she should see a doctor.

During an interview on Churchill, Shebesh shares how mental illness can be hereditary or can be triggered by life events.

The disorder makes her maniac, talkative and active.

Shebesh narrates how bipolar makes her depressed, and her depression does not come as often as her maniac.

When my depression hits it’s very extreme to the extent I feel I have no hope in life.’ She said.

Ex women rep explained how she has been able to live with the mental illness since she was 22.

I have been on treatment for 30 years, and all these things that I have achieved I did do even after been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.’ she added.

Rachael urged people to care about other people’s feelings.



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