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Murugi said her husband drove her and visited her in the clinics and was happy for her⁣
Social media personality and content creator Joan Murugi Munyi has come out to talk about the cosmetic procedure she recently underwent.⁣

Speaking to Radio Jambo’s Masawe Japanni, Munyi disclosed that the liposuction cost her Sh600,000 and has boosted her confidence.⁣

Asked whether her husband had raised any objections about her decision, the TMI Podcast host explained that he has been very supportive.⁣

“He has seen my struggles a lot and he has been very supportive from driving and visiting me in the clinic and he said if that’s what makes me happy then I should go for it,” Murugi disclosed.⁣

She added that he has supported her weight loss journey over the years and also didn’t make it hard when she decided to go for the surgery.⁣

Defending her decision to have the procedure, the mother of three said she deserved to do what she felt was right for her body. She indicated that it was also a financially empowering decision, given that she funded it out of her own earnings.⁣

“I have worked for it. That is money that has come out of me working and earning. I am in the recovery process and I feel a hundred times more confident,” Murugi said.⁣

Liposuction is the removal of excess stubborn fat from parts of the body which according to Murugi was in her back and stomach.⁣

Murugi Munyi explains why she got a liposuction⁣
Murugi revealed that she has had issues with her body for a longtime and her career path and other factors influenced her to go for the procedure.⁣

“Issues with my stomach have been there for a long time, even before I joined social media, when I was younger it’s because I did not have money but now that I have money why not go for it,” Murugi revealed.⁣

Mrs Munyi, who is among Kenya’s pioneer YouTubers, also revealed she doesn’t keep up with trolls who talk about her children. She reasoned that she gets trolled not because she does anything bad, but because trolls hate themselves.⁣



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